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The Producers

Neale Worley RP NEAC

Neale studied at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts before attending the Royal Academy Schools.  Now a successful artist, Neale he combines his work as an artist with the creation of documentary films, mostly about artists and their work.  For this documentary he directed, filmed and edited the programme.  He also composed and performed most of the music.

Dave Austin

Dave trained with the BBC in broadcast sound and worked for many years as a technical operator before becoming a broadcaster and presenter.  He now works freelance and runs an independent video production company.  He assisted Neale in the final edit of the programme, mastered the DVD and dealt with the web based material.

Running time 57 minutes plus

2o minutes of extra features.

16:9 PAL - English - SD

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Born in 1923, Anthony Eyton RA has been painting and drawing for nearly 90 years.  He is considered one of the very best English travel painters and the vibrancy and quality of his work has reaped many national awards and space in some of Britain’s finest public collections.  

This documentary explores the life he has lived and how it has influenced the art he creates. He talks frankly about his early years at school and art college, his time in the army and the tragic family events that have had a deep and painful impact. This powerful narrative is illustrated with many of his paintings and personal photographs and we see him in the process of creating several new artworks.

He has committed himself to a life of painting and still works every day, seeking to find his voice, never standing still, never complacent.

A Closer Look Back

A documentary about the life and work of Anthony Eyton, RA.

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A Closer Look Back

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