Professor Ken Howard OBE RA

Ken is a successful painter who has never followed trends or allowed the critics to influence him.


His art reflects the world the way he  sees it and his considerable skill at depicting light has become his language. His paintings are on the walls of many public and private collections worldwide.

How does an artist who developed his style in the 1950s  and refused to follow the changing fashions in painting over the succeeding decades manage to stay popular in 2012?

In ‘The Way I See It’ he gives a frank and honest appraisal of his life

as one of the Royal Academy’s most successful artists.

If you like Ken’s work, you’ll find it fascinating.

If you have never heard of him, you’ll want to know more.

The Producers

Neale Worley RP NEAC

Neale studied at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts before attending the Royal Academy Schools where he was tutored by Ken Howard.

Now a successful artist, Neale has always kept in contact with his old mentor and devised the idea of creating this documentary about Ken.  The filming was, therefore, relaxed and informal. Ken and Dora were kind hosts in their homes and Ken gave unrestricted access while he worked both in his studios and outside.

Neale composed and performed most of the music in the film.

The Way I See It

Filmed during 2010. ‘The Way I See It’ is a documentary about the life and work of Professor Ken Howard OBE RA.

Dave Austin and Neale Worley followed Ken as he painted in London, Cornwall and Venice.  

It is the story of his life as an artist, told in his own words.  We hear about his time at art college, being a war artist in Northern Ireland and join Ken in the studio talking about ‘Raw War’, exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010.

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Images copyright Neale Worley

Below are three of Neale Worley’s paintings.  To see more visit

Dave Austin

Dave trained with the BBC in broadcast sound and worked for many years as a technical operator before becoming a broadcaster and presenter.  He now works freelance and runs an independent video production company.

Dave spent many hours chatting to Ken on camera.  Ken’s responses provide the commentary for this documentary.  Dave and Neale both worked on the post production, allowing Ken’s story to be told with no editorial input.  The desire was a portrait of the real Ken Howard.  

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Running time 54 minutes

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